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Ceru and Eirendi by JLavisant Ceru and Eirendi by JLavisant
Brainchildren of *nijibug, who recently had a birthday. This is a little late. I had planned to have it finished waaay earlier.

Eirendi blows bubbles while using Ceru as a leaning post. Ceru is looking at that approaching bubble as though it's holding a knife or something. XD At first he was smiling but... he looks so much more endearing with a look of wonder in his eyes. :) I've always wanted to draw him. Eirendi, too, even though her (or "her"... "she's" genderless but adopts a more feminine role) hair was not easy for me from a profile view.

Some of the best lineart I've ever done... I almost wonder if I should have left it black and white? Hmm...

NOPE. STILL CAN'T PAINT ANYTHING LATELY but this took time... I was thinking about painting it... but I wanted to get this out and start concentrating on commissions. :)

Happy Birthday *nijibug! :blowkiss:

Ceru and Eirendi belong to :iconnijibug:
Bubble brush by :iconbendik-ramm:
Art by me
PHarold Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
The expressions are very well done here. and the fun of blowing bubbles is such a cute idea!
nijibug Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011
good god this is gorgeous *A*
the colors look great but, man, that is some sweet lineart, it would rock in greyscale/b&w too
can I just say I flipping adore the way you draw their hair? like, seriously. everyone draws their hair better than I can, I feel like I'm constantly taking them to my friends who are hairdressers xD

thank you so much for this!!! you are too sweet to me ;___; ♥ ♥
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December 14, 2011
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